One thing I learned in this journey is that every rehab is different – VERY different.  And this is not a bad thing.  What worked for me may be very different than what it would take for anyone else to get sober, and more importantly, get a decent start on a sober life.  Rehab is a huge investment of your time and money (or more likely, your insurance company’s money).  I do believe that ANY time sober is worth the effort, if you’re an addict.  But it’s also worth doing a thorough investigation before you turn yourself in at a treatment center.  I tried, and found the materials online didn’t help me much at all – in fact, they seemed to obscure the important details about each place.  So my goal here to help anyone who needs it find the best possible match so they can hit the ground running, and have the best possible chances of getting sober and getting a great life.  *** More to come here. Rehab reviews, study guide, what one needs to decide before going, and what you’ll need when you get there… ***