Hello World!  Welcome to our snarky little website (and I’m using the royal WE here, at least until we convince some suckers to help out).  I created this website with these four intentions in mind:

1)  To create some ridiculously entertaining reading material, using stories from my own life of drinking and using, getting sober, relapsing, recovering, and then getting a life worth having.  These things are rife with opportunity for amusement, as they often happen to funny people, alongside other very strange and unusual funny people.

2)  To provide some motivation, a few resources, and HELP with getting sober or staying sober for other addict/alcoholics who find themselves in the recovery cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat, or just haven’t gotten there yet.

3)  To show how, if you need to get sober, it’s not the end of your life.  You may not believe me, but it will be one of the best and funniest experiences of your life, once you regain your sense of humor…  And that can take a minute.

4)  To provide a place for other addicts and alcoholics to share their own dramas, stories and opinions.  CALL TO ALL WRITERS – I want to hear from you!  Are you in lockdown treatment and need something to do?  Or have an amazing story about your recovery that deserves to be read?  Shoot me a note, send me your stories and pics, whatever you got, and I’ll post it.  Well, with a couple easy caveats.  It must be TRUE, and in line with my mission on this website.  That is to say, it must include some discussion of your SOLUTIONS for any problems you present, and be helpful to someone else.  Whining about the state of the world and/or victimhood has no place in these pages.  But believe me, I love a hot mess.  And funny is king.  But I’m also up for some tragedy+redemption=divine wisdom stories.  You know what you have to write.

Also I should point out right up front – this is all just my opinion.  I am speaking from my own experience here, and while that’s a considerable amount after 13 years in recovery, it’s still just one man’s point of view.  I do not speak for the treatment industry, any 12-step programs, or anyone other than myself.  And I am not a doctor, although I often play one in my own mind, particularly when it comes to handing out diagnoses for psychological disorders.  Thank you for your expert opinion, Dr. Girlfriend!  Haha!

So really, hit me up.  I’m going to include readers’ stories, polls of your views, quizzes (are you still a hot mess and everyone knows it but you?), resources and articles you might find helpful if you’re thinking about getting sober, or trying to not to be a total bitch WHILE sober!  I’m here to listen as well as write.