Living it Up South of the Border!

Normal people often create “to-do” lists for typical daily tasks like shopping, picking up the laundry, gifts to purchase for Christmas, etc.  As an addict, I had my own “to-do” list.  The first three items on one list I remember were:  1) rob Walmart, 2) purchase stripper shoes, and then 3) get that stripper job!  Not the list for a normal person, but this represented my daily thought process.  I checked off the items on this list and those stripper shoes led me straight to a job at a local strip club frequented by bikers, of which my future boyfriend was one.   After a hard night of working, doing drugs, and drinking, an argument ensued between him and me, and my attitude was, “I’ll show you!”  I woke up in Vegas the next day married to a fellow stripper named Star.  Mind you, I am a heterosexual female, but Star was really hot and, according to our wedding videos, we had one hell of a night!  We got the marriage annulled the next day, and that was the only time I’ve ever walked down the aisle.

That’s not the only time I’ve woken up in a strange place.  Once I woke up on a very old bus in the hills of Mexico wearing a poncho and large straw hat that were not mine.  Sadly, I was drooling on the elderly Mexican man next to me, surrounded by pigs, chickens, and goats, wondering how the hell did I get here and how the hell am I gonna get out of here!  I ended up living a street life in Tijuana, wandering dirt roads and listening to caged chickens and peacocks, as locals laughed at me because I continually nodded off while eating my once-a-week hamburger.  I had dreads in my hair that were not intentional, and which provided housing for little friends called lice.  Personal hygiene consisted of a bird bath in a white paint bucket once a week.  And I believed this was normal.  I had adapted.  This was my life and I knew it would always be this way, since    Read more

January 16th, 2016|1 Comment